Preventing Cyrillic Text entry on Forms

Dealing with a little russian spam are you? Well that’s no problem, let’s see if we can’t prevent these bots from submitting non latin text!

November 15 - November 17, 2021

Time to completion - 4 hours

Project start

Here's what we discussed

Siro Solutions


Eric Toth

Siro Solutions, Creative Director

to: Brian Hurst

Our client's form is being spammed by russian bots and they would like to prevent this type of spam by preventing users from either entering, or properly submitting forms which contain cyrillic text


More Seconds


Brian Hurst

More Seconds, Project Manger

to: Eric Toth

Of course, we can probably prevent users from submitting the form depending on the character set that they use.

Project Manager
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Final Touches

Properly document / comment each variable and function used to create this solution

Project Status


Service Rendered

Web Development

Our process

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Progress update

I decided to go with back-end php validation instead of jquery since bots can just ignore jquery.

Ultimately I wrote the code snippet with a combination of PHP and Jquery. I then created a dummy page and added a new form to it in order to test the new submission criteria.

Our Goals
  • Use either JQuery, PHP, or both to prevent users from entering cyrillic text into form input fields

Participated in the project

Brian Hurst

Project Manager

Admir Zatega

Lead Developer

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What the Customer thinks

Awesome! I'm really happy to have this done since it should cut down on the amount of form spam that we've been seeing recently. Thanks!

Eric Toth

Creative Director

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