Nursing Platform Feature Extension

The nurses at My Health Place needed a rush feature extension added to their medical health record tracking platform. PHP, JS, and HTML to the operating room stat!

November 2 - November 5, 2021

Time to completion - 3 hours

Project start

Here's what we discussed

WeCare Services


Dr. Kemi Sanni

WeCare Services, Program Coordinator

to: Brian Hurst

Is it possible to merge the general members for me and Anne. When I created the general member profile, Anne couldn’t see what I created. She recreated a general member profile and I couldn’t see hers. We both have two different general member profiles that are not visible to both of us and not communicating. Please, help merge and also make it possible for her to see any company that I may create in the future.


More Seconds


Brian Hurst

More Seconds, Project Manger

to: Dr. Kemi Sanni

I understand your issue and will have this corrected for you tomorrow, there will be only 1 General Members company, and you and Anne will both have access. I will also go ahead and extend the ability for nurses of the same organization to see each other's created companies / members, although this may take me a day or two to create this new feature.

Project Manager
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Final Touches

Comment and document the new code that is written to create a solution to the problem expressed above

Project Status


Service Rendered

Web Development

Our process

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Progress update

Installed OpenVPN connect, connected to it, and successfully logged into the website. Created a new User form field using Advanced Custom Fields PRO, “Nurse Company ID”.

Made sure that the fields are being written and read correctly.

Finally, made the code give access to the current user if another user with the same nurse company id has access.

Our Goals
  • Add a meta field for all Users called “Working at Company”
  • If two users have an equal value for the meta field “Working at Company”, then on the companies page they need to be able to see the same companies
Progress update

To test the code, I gave one of the nurses and a fresh account which I’m going to test with the same company ID.

After logging into the new “testinguser” account, I can see that they have access to the same companies as the nurse I chose.

Our Goals
  • QA the updated platform to confirm

Participated in the project

Brian Hurst

Project Manager

Admir Zatega

Lead Developer

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What the Customer thinks

Thank you very much! You guys truly are lifesavers!

Dr. Kemi Sanni

Program Coordinator

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