Fixing Broken Links and Broken Footers

Our friends at Kempt were having an issue with customers unable to book an appointment. Turns out the appointment link was broken across the site, in comes the More Seconds team to the rescue!

November 11 - November 12, 2021

Time to completion - 2 hours

Project start

Here's what we discussed

Algorithm Agency


Daniel Mickelson

Algorithm Agency, Company Founder

to: Brian Hurst

Our Kempt clients have gotten very excited about updating a Book Now button that their old web dev sent to the wrong URL aka a URL that you can't actually book from, scattered all throughout their mobile, table, and desktop versions of the site. haha gotta love it.Correct link for every book now button:Also worth noting - the book now button on the services page links to services, but that's actually incorrect. it'll need to link to the above link as well. And worth double checking our unlinked pages as well.


More Seconds


Brian Hurst

More Seconds, Project Manger

to: Daniel Mickelson

I'll give this a look over and update you with some progress in a bit. If you need anything else just let me know OK.

Project Manager
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Final Touches

Scan the site for broken links to ensure there are no 404s

Project Status


Service Rendered

Project Updates

Our process

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Progress update

I looked through each page on desktop and fixed all of the incorrect links. I then noticed on Mobile that the previous developer had created a mobile only footer which was both broken, and displaying the incorrect booking link.

I fixed the footer display issues and the broken link. From there I swept the whole site ( all published pages ) using ‘view page source” to find any further instance of the incorrect link.

Lastly I ran the site through a broken link checker just to verify that there were no 404 issues. Everything should be all set now with this site.

Our Goals
  • Find all links on the site that are equal to -
  • swap these links for the correct one -

Participated in the project

Brian Hurst

Project Manager

Admir Zatega

Lead Developer

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What the Customer thinks

Thank you so much for the quick turn!! I sent it back clientside right when you finished and they were so grateful.

Daniel Mickelson

Company Founder

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