Custom Form Calculator & HubSpot Integration

Need a custom form built to calculate a users input and then ship that information over to HubSpot? No problem boss, we’ll have it done on the double!

November 11 - November 12, 2021

Time to completion - 8 hours

Project start

Here's what we discussed

Madison Miles Media


Rich Aubuchon

Madison Miles Media, Senior Account Manager

to: Brian Hurst

We need a custom form built in Wordpress and intended to submit to Hubspot. This is a three step form with an associated image. The design is simple but must be maintained, and must match the style of the website.


More Seconds


Brian Hurst

More Seconds, Project Manger

to: Rich Aubuchon

No problem, we can jump on this one immediately! I will keep you updated on the progress here as we dive in. If you need anything else in the meantime please let me know.

Project Manager
MacBook Computer Apple

Final Touches

If a user fills out any step or input of the form, send this information over to HubSpot

Submit the form steps using Ajax so that the page does not reload on navigation click

Match the design mockups for the form that the client has provided

Form must be fully mobile, tablet, and desktop responsive

Project Status

In Progress

Service Rendered

Web Development

UX / UI Design

Project Updates

Our process

Here's what we did

Progress update

I loaded gravity forms and a code snippets plugin onto a copy of the client's site for testing. I then created the form on the backend based on the form fields that the client had provided.

Next I styled and organized the form so that it matched the clients requested mockup view.

Then I wrote a PHP / Javascript snippet to recalculate the hidden fields and map the requested results onto the gravity forms hidden fields.

Lastly I linked their Hubspot account with the newly populated hidden fields.

Our Goals
  • Create a custom multi-step form using Gravity Forms
  • Integrate the Custom form with HubSpot
  • Configure the “calculator” to populate clients requested hidden field values

Participated in the project

Brian Hurst

Project Manager

Admir Zatega

Lead Developer

Portfolio Images

Here's how it came out

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What the Customer thinks

Still in progress. We have a few more feature requests!

Rich Aubuchon

Senior Account Manager

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