Brand new restaurant Catering Page

We designed and developed a slick, sleek, and super fast catering page for our friends at Bistro Boudin. Check it out!

October 10 - October 13, 2021

Time to completion - 3 hours

Project start

Here's what we discussed

Algorithm Agency


Daniel Mickelson

Algorithm Agency, Company Founder

to: Brian Hurst

Had a client call last week and sounds like they requested a catering page specifically. That's a new development because they are doing this off site catering now at this fancy vineyard.Can you cook up an unlinked /catering page for the powers that be to review/approve and include a catering event inquiry form from TripleSeat.


More Seconds


Brian Hurst

More Seconds, Project Manger

to: Daniel Mickelson

Yep I agree, let me review the information that you've sent over. I'll be on this either later today or tomorrow and I'll update you on the progress from there!

Project Manager
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Final Touches

Resize all images to an appropriate height x width before uploading to site

Compress all images using before uploading to site

All images added to site MUST have proper ALT tags

Must be mobile & tablet responsive

Project Status


Service Rendered

Web Development

UX / UI Design

Our process

Here's what we did

Progress update

First I created a draft page for catering by duplicating the homepage and added the proper /catering slug. Afterwards I removed any sections that were present which I didn’t think would be relevant to use for the catering page.

With the rest of the sections, I swapped the hero section video for the clients new provided video and added in new text that was relevant to the catering page offer.

Our Goals
  • Create a draft page with the slug /catering by duplicating the homepage
  • Replace the main video on the new /catering page with
  • H1 Title on the page should include either - ( Premium Offsite Catering at Orsi Family Vineyards in Sonoma County ) or ( Offsite Catering at Orsi Family Vineyards )
Progress update

Then I added the proper reservation integration from OpenTable and added lots of great looking showcase images.

Our Goals
  • Grab the form from page and add it to our new /catering page
  • Use provided images to fill out the page as needed

Participated in the project

Brian Hurst

Project Manager

Admir Zatega

Lead Developer

Portfolio Images

Here's how it came out

Hover the gallery images to scroll their pages!

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What the Customer thinks

Gosh that is exciting!! Thank you so much Brian, client will be stoked. Thanks!

Daniel Mickelson

Company Founder

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